As a young father, P. SUBRAMANI loved his work as a farmer. He worked very hard to provide for his wife and five children. When he first discovered he had Leprosy, he was treated as an outcast. He could not find work. He was shunned by his friends and his legs were in constant pain, limited his abilities. The possibility of becoming an artist made him excited because he realized that he would be able to provide for his family once again.
He feels his artwork has changed for the better through the years. He is fond of yellow, blue and red but, despises the color black in his art. When Subramani began painting, he painted mostly animals and plants. Now, his most recent project is more abstract with shapes, pattern and lines. He is inspired by the beautiful nature that surrounds him. His art comes from the things that inspire his heart, not by what others suggest or ask him to do.
Since he has become an artist, Subramani has been able to forget the past and focuses on his life the way it is now. His new life and new-found talent bring him great happiness. For the next few years, he hopes to stay at the Bindu Art School doing what he enjoys. This colony has brought new friendships and hope back into his life that, at one time, he thought would never be his gift to possess ever again.

Colony: Bharathapuram
Sex: male
Date and place of birth: Poonthamalle
Age: 56
Married: yes
Wife's name: Kanage
Children: 1 boy, 2 girls
Year of infection: 1972
When did you come in the colony: 2000
You live with the family in the colony: yes
Why: to help me, to perform everyday duties
The family live in the Bharathapuram colony
Have you ever painted before: No, because I was not interested
Why do you want to learn painting:
Are you happy to stop begging and start painting, if yes why: Yes