A.ARAMUGAM is seventy years old. He contracted Leprosy at the age of thirty. He used to work in the fields until his fingers were taken by the disease. Once it became known that he had Leprosy, people treated him badly.
Still, he worked hard to provide for his family and even with no fingers learned how to make six saris in a day! His wife died, but his children did not forget him. His treasures are his grandchildren! He saved 16,000 Rupees from sale of his art and gave it to his grandchildren. They visit him every month. He enjoys his life and is glad that he is the only one in his family with the disease. He has attended the Bindu Art School for four years. Aramugam loves to paint, teaching himself by pinching the remnants of his thumb and index finger together to hold the brush. He never paints humans, only nature and buildings. He does not worry about Leprosy and never has. He refuses to let the disease rob his happiness and joy in life.

Colony: Bharathapuram
Sex: male
Date and place of birth: 1935 in Kovilur
Age: 70
Married: yes
Wife's name: Pachamma
Year of infection: 1972
When did you come in the colony: 1993
You live with the family in the colony: no
Why: I am alone
The family live in: no information
Have you ever painted before: No
Why do you want to learn painting: because of the stipend available
Are you happy to stop begging and start painting, if yes why: I would like to learn