P. SARAVANAN is 55 years old. He was a young man when he became Leprosy affected. He was very fortunate to be surrounded by a loving family and many friends that would not forsake him because of the disease.
His biggest challenge with Leprosy was his fear of not being able to support himself. To this day, it is hard to deal with the bruising and the sores that are a part of his everyday life. He used to believe that Leprosy would end many things that he enjoys and keep him from learning and growing. Not any more!
When he first heard of the Bindu Art School he was so excited! He thought, „This is it! I can draw! I know I can do this!“ Saravanan has only gotten better and better. In the beginning, he used to paint trees and nature. Now, his paintings are more whimsical depictions of puppets and dolls. He gains his inspiration through meditation in nature.
He is thrilled to be able to support himself! He also helps his sister and brother. Since he has become an artist, he has no second thoughts about limitations. He thinks of the Bindu Art School more as a home where he hopes to spend five more years learning and perfecting his craft
To the person purchasing one of his paintings, he would like to relay a message to „Live Happy! Don’t let obstacles block your progress and rob your destiny!“

Colony: Bharathapuram
Sex: male
Date and place of birth: Sankampuram
Age: 55
Brothers: 1
Sisters: 1
Married: yes
Wife's name: Sivakarni
Year of infection: 1996
When did you come in the colony: 1999
You live with the family in the colony: no
The family live in
Have you ever painted before: Yes
Why do you want to learn painting: to get stipend every month
Are you happy to stop begging and start painting: yes