P. VEERASAMY remembers his life when his family was young. He worked as a carpenter overseeing thirty workers. He loved being able to provide for his family. In his middle years, he was told that he had the debilitating disease – Leprosy. Tears came to his eyes as he described how this disease changed his life. He lost his job. His employees and coworkers no longer respected him and refused to work under him. He forgot about his family and in a depressed state, hid himself in seclusion.
When he heard of the Bindu Art School, he was thrilled! He loved art and until then, thought that he would never have a use for his talents he was once so proud to share. Since coming to the school, he has learned many new techniques and his style has progressed. In the beginning, he painted simple things such as trees, mountains and stars. He has no inspiration in his work other than becoming a better artist.
Painting allows him to feel free and forget his disabilities. Now he is able to take care of his own needs and buy his own clothing. He sees a bright future and at the age of seventy-six, would like to make this his new career. He greatly appreciates the support the buyers have for him and his art, but he would like his art to be purchased for it’s quality and not because it is painted by a Leprosy – affected person.

Colony: Bharathapuram
Sex: male
Date and place of birth: : Kottadi, Sivagangai, Tamil Nadu
Age: 78
Brothers: 1
Sisters: 1
Married: married (left)
Husband’s name: Umayall
Children: 1 son, 1 daughter
Year of infection: 1968
When did you come in the colony: 2005
You live with the family in the colony: No, I live in the old age home.
Why: Desease
The family live in Sivaganai
Have you ever painted before: No
Why do you want to learn painting: physically, mentally, satisfying
Are you happy to stop begging and start painting: yes