At the age of twelve, A. KANAN found out that he was affected by Leprosy. Initially, he was scared and confused. He could not understand why others treated him differently. He felt helpless and found it hard to even do simple things like riding the bus. When he began to come to the Bindu Art School, he found people that treated him with dignity, something that is not common amongst most people in the Indian culture. He remembers, at first, no one liked his paintings, but he practiced and has been able to become quite accomplished at the art. Now, other artists glean inspiration from his works. When he began painting, he only used one color, but now, he uses several beautiful mixtures of red, green, yellow, orange and his favorite color, blue!
Before the Bindu Art School, he had a tendency to drink heavily in order to drown his dispair, but now he is completely devoted to his painting and feels proud that he can support two members of his family.
In five years from now, his goal is to be selling his artwork directly to the buyers. He would like everyone to know that even people with Leprosy can create beautiful things. Kannan hopes that the Bindu Art School will continue to help people use their skills to produce beautiful art and maintain the schoolís wonderful reputation.

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Colony: [/color1]Bharathapuram

Name:[/color1]A. KANAN

Sex: [/color1]male

Date and place of birth:

Sisters: ----


Husbandís name:


Year of infection:

When did you come in the colony:

You live with the family in the colony:


The family live in:

Have you ever painted before:

Why do you want to learn painting: Specials:

Are you happy to stop begging and start painting