Entered school in 2012

Colony: Bharathapuram

Name: S. Venkatesan

Sex: male

Date and place of birth: 84 years old, Cuddalore district

Age: 84 years old
Brothers: five brothers, he is the eldest
Sisters: no-

Married: with 19 years old he got married

Wife’s name: Kasi Amman

Children: one daughter and two sons

Year of infection: he was 47 years old

When did you come in the colony: two years ago, before he only came for treatments

You live with the family in the colony: no

Why: nobody is coming here, he doesn’t like that they come here, he sends his wife his pension every month which is thousand Rs

The family live in: they stay near Chennai
Have you ever painted before: no, here it is the first time

Why do you want to learn painting: Specials: he wants to make himself busy

Are you happy to stop begging and start painting: he is very happy