VETHAMMA is a very blessed woman. She has been completely healed of her Leprosy! When she was diagnosed, she had only a small patch and medicines given to her stopped the progress of the disease. The only lingering affect is her asthma. Although she no longer suffers from Leprosy, society still will not accept her and she is looked down upon.
She discovered the Bindu Art School when she went to the nearby hospital. She loved it so much, she decided to stay there! She was extremely happy when given the opportunity to learn and become an artist. She needed a chance to do something productive. Her paintings were dull at first, but now her paintings are becoming more vibrant thanks to the colors blue and yellow. She says she used to paint mostly nature, but now she enjoys painting people and scenes. She gets new ideas from a book at the school filled with examples of interesting styles and techniques to enliven her creativity.
Vehtamma is extremely proud of her artwork. Painting is her favorite pastime! In five years, she wishes to still be and be much more improved as an artist.
She is very kind and loving and offers her service to anyone. She is happy with helping those in the colony with things that they can not do for themselves, such as going to the market and getting water. Her advice to everyone is, „Do not be lazy! Work as hard as you can!! Be grateful for your abilities!“ She would like all those entering the Bindu Art School to be told, „Welcome, this is a good place!“ She blesses all to be happy.

Colony: Bharathapuram
Sex: female
Date and place of birth: : Selem, Tamil NaduAge: 78
Brothers: 5
Sisters: 3
Married: married
Husband’s name: Periyasamy
Children: -
Year of infection: 1932
When did you come in the colony: 1996
You live with the family in the colony: Yes
Why: Desease
The family live in -
Have you ever painted before: No
Why do you want to learn painting: money to live, recovering loneliness
Are you happy to stop begging and start painting: yes