Entered school in 2012

Colony: Bharathapuram

Name: S. Deshammal

Sex: female

Date and place of birth: donít know
She is from Andhra Pradesh
Age: about fifty
Brothers: one
Sisters: two

Married: In 2000 she got married in the colony.

Husbandís name: Yesu

Children: one son, one son died

Year of infection: she was about ten years old

When did you come in the colony: 2000

You live with the family in the colony: yes, occasionly his brother and sisters are coming


The family live in: they live in Andhra Pradesh

Have you ever painted before: no

Why do you want to learn painting: Specials: because the possibility was offered, she is free in time, has no work

Are you happy to stop begging and start painting: she likes it very much very happy.