proud under the tree Werner Dornik with the priests at the ceremony a leprosy effected priest Schoolbilding Padma Venkatarama gives  the student Uma a flower- girland open classroom in the Temple courdyard
BINDU board view in the school Thanks for listening my songs BINDU-ART-SHOOL 2005

Eröffnung Bharatapuram


Die Eröffnung der Schule fand am 17. 02. 2005 im Hof der Kolonie-Tempelanlage statt. Geladen waren der österreichische Generalkonsul B. H. Kothari, der Bürgermeister der Kolonie, der Sekretär der Altenvereinigung, der die Kolonie betreuende Lepraarzt, ein hinduistischer und katholischer Priester und Personen aus den Städten Chengelpattu und Chennai, die dem Projekt dienlich waren und die 21 Studenten.

Die Feier wurde mit einem Feuerritual begonnen, um den Ort und die Schule von negativen Energien zu reinigen. Dieses Ritual wurde von zwei Brahmanenpriester, die der Kolonie angehören, zelebriert.

Kurze Ansprachen vom betreuenden Arzt, einem katholischen Ordensbruder, einem Malstudenten, von Padma Venkataraman und Werner Dornik folgten.

Den Studenten wurden Blumenkränze als Zeichen der Achtung und des Respekts und die Malutensilien überreicht. Gemeinsames Essen und viele Gespräche über die Zukunft der Schule und ein Gruppenfoto beendeten die Feierlichkeit.

Eröffnungsrede 17. 2. 2005 in Bharathapuram

My dear friends,

Nearby 30 years ago I came the first time to India and met in Varanasi leprosy affected people. I was only 18 years old and began to sponser the treatments for leprosy with the profit of photographs and books which I sold.

It was not because I am a really good person. I had to do it, because I felt the pain to be drawn out of the society in which you were born. To give only money was now after this many years for me no longer enough, so that I looked for a new idea which which helps you in a better way and makes you alsoo able to help yourself and others too.

Thank’s to the Indian and Austrian governments which are sponsoring the projekt. I told them, that you will be able to paint beautiful pictures and to sell the same. So I took the risk and hope you will try your best to do that. Till today you were used to stretch you hands to show your pain and wounds for getting money.
Now my dear friends you should stretch your hands to paint your feelings and your great inner beauty.

It will take time to learn how to use the brush and the colors, but if you just go on and on and on – the paintings will getting nicer day by day. So it’s in your hand and heart to help yourself and others too.

The sun is the God of the colors and artists so welcome her every morning and pray before you start to work.

I am very happy to be your friend and hope we can work it out. Thank’s for your interest in painting and thank’s to all the people and companies which helped to make this project possible. And my very special thank’s goes to my friend Padma – without her we would not be here to start this school in that beautiful way ………….

Thank you, God bless you

BINDU board view in the school Thanks for listening my songs BINDU-ART-SHOOL 2005 a lot to talk Padma Venkataraman distribut some snackes to the students Students are happy