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Seminar - Jagannath Textiles, Chennai

Padma Venkataraman sowie die StudentInnenen und Künstler der Bindu-Art-School wurden am 15. 12. 2010 eingeladen, zu den Firmen-Managern des indischen Konzerns Jagannath Textile, Chennai, zum Thema "Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way" und auch über die Veränderung ihres Lebens zu sprechen.

- Jagannath Textile Company LTD (JTCL) though a relatively new venture, has made remarkable progress in spinning quality yarn. JTCL has an huge production capability, productivity and a committed team of skilled workers and efficient staff numbering approximately 1000. Under the guidance of its promoter, Shri Ramesh Kumar Tibrewal, who personify the true spirit of enterprise, JTCL has established a distinct identity in the textile market within a decade of its existence.

JTCL has a unique inspirational work culture. JTCL rests on strong ethical and moral foundations, relying on the deeds of wisdom propagated by Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, and Rabindranath Tagore and our Former President, His Excellency Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

With strong business acumen, successfully demonstrated by its Promoter, the company has progressed steadily from dealing in cotton waste to the position of eminence it holds in manufacture of Superior Quality yarn.
The location has been chosen to promote employment generation in the interior and rural areas of Coimbatore district. JTCL commitments are not purely business centric. It encompasses a wider societal obligation. The promoter have chosen, Karuvalur, Karumathampatti, near Coimbatore, as the plant location. The small underdeveloped village has been chosen to promote a social cause of, "Enabling Progress through Enterprise". Further, the plant location meets the business requirements. The plant is close to major consumption centres like Tirupur, Somanur, Palladam, Karur, Madurai, and Erode, thereby promising enormous scope for expansion of the company.
At JTCL, learning and sharing of knowledge becomes an integral part of its work culture. This unique work culture has been able to spin the work force together.
Swami Vivekananda's words of wisdom form the back bone of the entire workforce at JTCL, spinning its success story without any major hiccups.

Padma Venkataraman sprach zu Beginn �ber die Hintergr�nde und Ziele der BINDU-ART-SCHOOL, ihrer Studentinnen und �ber die positiven Ver�nderungen, die die Schule in der gesamten Leprakolonie bewirkte. Sie veranschaulichte mit einer Multivisionspr�sentation die wesentlichen Inhalte des Projektes.

Unsere StudentInnen sprachen �ber ihr Leben und �ber die Ver�nderungen durch die Arbeit mit Kunst und die daraus entstandenen sozialen Interaktionen mit indischen und westlichen Menschen au�erhalb der Leprakolonie.
Die Teilnehmer der Seminarsveranstaltung bedankten sich sehr ber�hrt mit einer �Standing Ovation�.

Die StudentInnen waren auch gl�cklich �ber die anschlie�enden Diskussionen mit den Managern der Firma und freuten sich �ber die Geschenke und das vorz�gliche Essen, das ihnen den Tag vers��te.

Wir danken der Firma Jagannath Textiles f�r die Einladung zu diesem Seminar, das unsere Arbeit gegen das soziale Stigma, das der Lepra anhaftet, sehr unterst�tzte.

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